Staying on the road longer.

When it comes to fleet maintenance and fuel management Nanotech’s complete line of products has you covered. From our NEW Fully Formulated Grease line, engine oil additives and Fully Formulated Gear Oils, we can help keep you on the road longer while minimizing vehicle maintenance and considerably increasing your efficiency.

The difference is Nano.

Not only does our super strong and lubricious tungsten disulfide WS₂ multilayered nano-fullerene-like particles (IF-WS₂ ) nano-spheres lower friction, heat and reduce mechanical wear, it also releases it’s tribofilms (layers) on surfaces to smooth and repair them which will extend the mechanical efficiency of the apparatus.

To put it simply, Nanotech products are engineered stronger from the particle up.

Cost efficient. You’ll have the proof.

If your vehicles could be running more profitable, wouldn’t you want to know? When you combine our products with your existing fleet management software you will have all the data needed to know your team is riding responsibly.

Defined Result
  • Optimized Engine and Gear Performance
  • Extended Vehicle Life
  • Fewer Service Requirements
  • Decreased Fuel Consumption
  • Reduced Operation Costs