NIS’s proprietary technology has great potential for different applications in the Space and Defense sector, as already recognized by leading industry players and customers.

Our proprietary multi-layered, spherical and tubular shapes of tungsten disulfide (WS₂) have notably high pressure, impact and heat resistances. They have low toxicity and high metal bonding capacity. These properties, in appropriate formulations, can facilitate the creation of “super performing” lubricants, coatings, and polymer composites. These breakthrough inorganic, multi-layered nano-structures are also particularly promising for applications in thin surface-coatings for friction and wear protection.

In addition, NIS’s inorganic fullerenes-like particles and nanotubes can be applied for reinforcing bulk polymers and adhesives (thermoplastics and thermosets) for various applications. Such nanoparticles will enhance the matrix’s impact absorption, strength and elasticity, as well as its resistance to friction and wear. Our inorganic fullerene-like particles and nanotubes can also be incorporated with non-polymeric media, thus forming metal and ceramic matrix composites.

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