When Mileage and Traffic add up, fight it with technology

Millions of trucks and buses worldwide carry heavy loads and passengers through dense city traffic and cross country excursions every day. The engines and drive train in trucks and buses are especially exposed to wear and tear. This is due to constant operation, accumulated mileage and stop and go traffic. The result is lower vehicle performance over time, frequent breakdowns with costly service requirements and lower fuel efficiency.

NanoLub® Engine Oil Additives and Fully Formulated Gear oils are surface-reconditioning nano lubricants, based on a unique patented technology of proprietary super strong and lubricious tungsten disulfide WS₂ multilayered nano-fullerene-like particles.

These unique multi-layer IF-WS₂ nano-spheres lower friction and heat, thereby reducing mechanical wear. At the same time, contact pressure and shear cause these nano-spheres to release tribofilms that attach to surface asperities and smooth them, thereby extending mechanical efficiency and apparatus life.

The Result
  • Optimized Engine and Gear Performance

  • Extended Vehicle Life
  • Fewer Service Requirements
  • Decreased Fuel Consumption
  • Reduced Operation Costs

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