With modern, globally-recognised NANO technology in lubricants, we save user costs in engineering, transport …

Our services

  • the unique properties of NanoLub® products allow us to increase productivity and reduce costs in manufacturing processes and in transport
  • we take an individual approach to each and every customer and provide them the maximum level of care

  • we take on the request from the customer for reduction of costs, or increase in productivity, resolve the issue and provide the customer a finished solution
  • we collaborate closely with the leading specialists of our partner, NIS from the USA/Israel, and also with Czech experts from fields such as tribology, materials, engineering and transportation
  • we also perform tests and analyses as well as implementing solutions at the Brno University of Technology which has at its disposal great expertise and world-class equipment, providing services to technology companies such as Honeywell or Koyo etc
  • we offer free consultation, video conferences, video presentations and presentation on-site with the customer
  • we offer free active participation during testing in manufacturing operations and in transport companies

Globally patented technology

The Israeli professor Reshef Tenne was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1992 for his discovery of IF-WS2 nanoparticles which constitute the basic component of NanoLub® products.


NanoLub® products are protected by almost one hundred global patents

Thanks to low prices and unique functionality, NanoLub® has already been selling successfully for several years in North and South America, Israel, Asia and Japan.

NANO lubricants

savings through science